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Video DRM Information

To prevent illegal distribution and sharing every video requires a DRM license for playback which can only be obtained by RussianGuysFeet.Com members.

DRM is Digital Rights Management and it's made to protect copyrighted materials.

Digital Rights for Adobe Flash files can be obtained by Windows & Macintosh (Intel based) users.

Our DRM has no time limits. You will be able to view videos even after your membership expires. Unless you make dramatic changes of your hard- or software.

Enter your RussianGuysFeet.Com username and password when prompted.

During October 2016 we are going over to STREAMING ONLY for Trial Membership owners, DRM free download will be available only for Basic Membership owners. Your suggested internet download speed must be from 7 Mbps.

Contact Information

Please use our Contact Page. We will answer you back as fast as possible.


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