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Dream Videos or Photosets

This is an exclusive RussianGuys.Com feature.

We can produce any legal type of video or photoset (explicit or not) for your private pleasure by your scenario. We may add a special mention with your name or nickname to that product if you wish.
You will get video copy from EastVideos.com

We can stream the making of this show (Behind the Scenes) live via PirrerHouse.Com.

Dream Live Shows

We can arrange a public Live XXX Show of your dream. Your favorite models will act LIVE in the script written by you.

This show will be aired on PirrerHouse.Com as a standard scheduled live show and will be available to all members. You will get video copy from EastVideos.com

For private shows please use Private Chats feature on PirrerHouse.Com.


You can pick any RussianGuysFeet.Com, RuTwinks.Com, TwinkMix.Com or PirrerHouse.Com model(-s) to star in any dream product, but please be aware that not all models are available at all times.

Your Scripts and Ideas

You may create the script yourself or ask for our help.

Please be aware that our models are not professional porn actors (this is why we love them), and some ideas may appear scary to them. But anyway we have to discuss your ideas first, sometimes our own models surprise us ;)

Payment Information

Dream videos, photosets or live shows are NOT included in your membership subscription. These products will require an additional payment. Prices may vary depending on the script.

Contact Information

Please use our Contact Page. We will answer you back as fast as possible.

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